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It can be daunting to even think about learning a new language. Lack of time, money and patience can get in the way. 

Our 5 Step Plan breaks it down in bite sized chunks so you can get started immediately, one small action at a time.

Learning a language is a journey, so take the first step on Language Lane. 

About Language Lane

Our Tutors

All tutors in the Language Lane network are independent operators. Lesson rates, locations and format vary according to each tutor's experience and personal style.

Learn face to face, online, at a cafe, at home, at the weekend, in the evening...whatever suits you.  

Our Vision

We are building an international community of language lovers and we are making it fun, easy and accessible to learn.

We want to inspire people to learn a language and the culture that goes with it, whilst helping people to earn an income by sharing their language skills.  

Our Values

We aim to attract high quality language tutors who fit with our values of Fun, Professionalism and Inspiration.

We're responsive, proactive and service focused. We are passionate about connecting people through language and culture. 

Just some of the languages you can learn with a tutor on Language Lane

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